Brian Vance


Hanks Creekside is my father’s breakfast restaurant in Santa Rosa, California. Growing up in a restaurant gave me an incredible work ethic; I started my work career young. From age 10 I began clearing off tables and serving coffee. This challenged me to be out going and comfortable being uncomfortable talking to strangers. It was important to make sure customers felt served and cared for. It’s a local hotspot that is still in action today and was featured on Diners Drive Ins and Dives. There is a 40-minute wait on the weekend. Exploring a new city is my favorite pass time. Every time I visit a new city, I look for the local spots, the ones that take 40 mins to get a table. I pride myself in knowing the best spots to go, because I learned early on that sharing food and wine with people you love is an integral part of life’s ethos. I love the adventure and I love nothing more than a dinner party with friends and family. Cooking together, drinking new wines and sharing the crazy stories of the complicated world of today excites every part of my soul.

So why did I leave the beautiful and un-changing landscape of Northern California. Yes, it is beautiful, but it is consistently the same; similar weather and the same people doing the same thing every day. I longed for adventure! When I first visited Nashville, the one thing I noticed was how it was “developing”. Almost every month there was a new restaurant, a bar, a new business or a new corporate office relocating their headquarters here. The thought of being a part of something growing and expanding, where I could contribute to that growth in a positive way excited me and continues to do so each and every day.

"When I thought of the uniqueness that I could bring to my relationships with customers, clients and friends, I realized that in addition to the strong work ethic, I have an incredible creative side that pushes me to develop many aspects of myself and my life. This creativity shows it self in all aspects of my life. In order to fulfill dreams and build future joy and security, we are responsible to create the life we envision. I do this for my clients and myself. I Create Opportunities!"